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    F.A.Q – Brides & Grooms

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    Got a Question? Don’t Worry – We’ve got it covered!

    1) What is Bride HQ?

    Bride HQ is a Wedding Planning Website very much like the but for Weddings! Where Brides and Grooms have access to 1,000’s of Wedding Suppliers across the UK, but instead of trawling through the internet trying to find a Supplier you like and who is available, we thought it would be easier for you to have the Supplier come to you! Leaving you more time to enjoy your journey together!

    Using Bride HQ to book your Wedding Suppliers is easy, once you have received a Quote from a supplier; start speaking with them in the chat window, once you are happy with what they have to offer – accept their quote.
    **Don’t forget to leave feedback at this point so others can hear about your experience with the Supplier.**
    You then can exchange details and you can securely pay the supplier through Bride HQ which is Fully Insured giving you peace of mind!

    2) How Much Does it cost to join Bride HQ?

    Joining Bride HQ is 100% FREE!

    Yes you read that correctly, for a Bride or a Groom to join Bride HQ  it is completely FREE of charge! – So Let’s Start Planning Your Big Day!

    3) How do I Join Bride HQ?

    Joining Bride HQ is simple:

    1. Go to Register Page
    2. Enter a unique Username that you will remember
    3. Enter your email Address
    4. Choose the “Bride / Groom” user type
    5. Enter the Captcha code as you see it
    6. Click Register
    7. A password will be emailed to you and you will then be able to sign in with your password (don’t worry you can change the password to one you will remember)

    And that’s it you are signed up & ready to post your first Wedding Job!

    4) How Much Does it cost to Post a Wedding Job?

    It’s FREE! – Yes you read that correctly, to post a standard Wedding Job its FREE of charge!

    • There is a BONUS FEATURE available of Featuring your Wedding Job across the scrolling bar on the homepage so you will get maximum exposure and that is just £5 per job!

    5) How do I Post a Wedding Job?

    Posting a Wedding Job is a simple process and self explanatory by clicking the “Post New” Button on the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

    Congratulations that’s your wedding job Live! – Suppliers will start to send you quotations on your Wedding Job soon. Don’t forget to share your job on Facebook or Twitter!

    What’s next? Wedding Stationery? A Photographer? Perhaps the Cars? – No problem just Post another New Job

    6) Can I edit My Wedding Job Once its Live?

    Editing your Live job is simple

    1. Click on My Account
    2. Select the Live Wedding Job
    3. Click on Edit in the right under Other Details
    4. Edit anything you want on your Wedding Job
    5. Click Save Wedding Job

    And that’s it – your Wedding Job is Live again with your alterations!

    7) What if I don't want to Hire any of the Suppliers who have sent quotes?

    That’s absolutely fine! – We are not going to tell you how to plan your wedding we are just here to help!

    One thing you can do is send us a message on the Contact Us Page and we will happily look through your Wedding Job to see if there are any changes that could help yo!

    8) Can I approach Suppliers Direct On Bride HQ?

    By all means you can approach suppliers however please make sure you leave them a review on their Directory Listing to share your experiences with them!

    One of the biggest bonuses Bride HQ have to offer is the freedom to leave feedback and therefore offering other Brides & Grooms an insight into your experience and the quality of services offered by the suppliers /  Venues.

    9) How am I covered if the Supplier lets me down or goes bust?

    We always advise Brides & Grooms to get protected with Insurance – to give you added protection. However with some insurance policies you can only claim after your wedding & you would be left without a supplier – Not With Bride HQ!

    We help you before your wedding and you can then claim off your insurance for the deposit lost & any extra expenses paid after your big day is saved!!

    When you help you hire your Wedding Supplier / Venue you have an option of paying the full amount via Bride HQ where the payment will be held in escrow and the required deposit will be released to the supplier/venue.

    You now have extra cover against the supplier / venue going bust or pulling out at the last minute*!

    If this should happen, Bride HQ will:

    a) Offer you three available & suitable replacements in time for your wedding day!*
    b) Pay the Supplier direct to ensure booking with the remaining balance from the Escrow**

    10) How do I Leave Feedback for the Supplier / Venue?

    Feedback is a major part of Bride HQ and was probably instrumental in which supplier you chose for your Wedding.

    To give feedback on your supplier once you book your Wedding Supplier / Venue and click on the “Leave Feedback” Button.

    Your feedback will be reviewed and submitted by the Website Admin Team

    11) I've forgotten my password!

    Not a problem just click on “Lost your password?” then just simply input your email or username and we will send you a new password to your registered email address.

    As always if there is anything else you are having trouble with and these questions don’t quite fix it for you? – No Problem! Either talk to one of our Support Team using the online chat or simply send us a message on the Contact Us Page and we will be happy to help.

    * If your wedding is within 10 days of contacting us Bride HQ will do everything we can to help however the available supplier may be out of your location which may result in extra delivery / travel charges.
    ** You may need to pay extra towards the replacement supplier / venue – dependent on how much the deposit paid to the original supplier was & the balance of your escrow at the time of contacting Bride HQ.
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